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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Home Alone
nanowrimo 2010

24 Hour Bachelorhood
Sis is gone to the country for a day. I'll be on my own at home. She thoughtfully left me the car keys "just in case". I suppose it is a good thing. Before she left she replenished my supply of Diet Pepsi and brought me Taco Bell. I'm set for the night. O for a movie to watch!

The weather here sucks big time. Minus 20° at night, wind chill 20° below that with a 10mph wind. Two to five inches of snow are expected by Monday morning. I have a Dr. appointment in Columbia, MO on Monday. Getting there could be very difficult if we have lots of snow. I need to borrow a car to accomplish the trip anyway... my sister's car isn't safe for that long a trip.

Foul humor, that is ƒ I woke in a foul humor and haven't changed. I have to find some way to let feelings like this go but I don't like to vent on others. I am always irritable and annoyed these days. Some days I feel like exploding but I have refrained to date. You'd think one of my pills would have a "happy" component to it.

I watched Open Range today. I enjoyed it. It is a workmanlike presentation of a western. Kevin Kostner confuses me. How does he keep getting work? I like many of his movies however. I am conflicted. Robert Duvall and Annette Bening saved the movie for me. I am not a big fan of westerns but I enjoyed this one.

Home Alone
I am looking forward to a day on my own. I can adjust the light level to one that pleases me. I can adjust the sound on the television to my own satisfaction. Supper is taken care of and breakfast tomorrow will be like any other day … sparse. I need some alone time. Maybe I can work off some of my aggressions.

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hey Dude,

some friendly advice, as different as your technique is, and colorful, when you decide to play with HTML coding, could you possibly make sure it doesn't stuff up other peoples Friends LJ pages? :)

thank you. Chris.

I test under netscape, ie, and opera for width and spacing. Are you using an unusual browser? What is the entry doing to your page>

Currently IE5, come to think of it, i've not had any problem with your postings til now, it may be because of my resolution, and i've recently started using my old laptop.. this thing won't do anything more then 800x600, and i'm usually a 1024x man. *throws it against a wall* :P

I converted the post to which you responded to specific pixel widths instead of percentages for width, margins, and padding of the boxes. It may have solved the problem. I, too, use 1024 for everything, so that may have been an issue. I'll try and be considerate in future.

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