Karl (louderback) wrote,

A second entry

Second Entry Today
I seldom make more than one entry a day lately. It has been months. I just don't have enough information or enough of anything of interest to stimulate a second entry. I have been writing much more of late. I take that as a good sign & a bad one. Given that I tend to produce more prose, poetry, and just plain verbiage when my life sucks, as a sort of valve for my emotions, it would seem to indicate that the suck factor is on the rise. Conversely, the fact that I am writing means that at least I have some emotions to run through the release valve.

I am writing more, but I am not generating the fiction that usually indicates my spiritual constipation has been eased. I desperately want to write a story. I need to generate some ideas, to think, to plan, to write ... if anyone has any ideas please suggest.


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