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Diary of a Blind Madman

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a failed day but a tasty one
nanowrimo 2010

Home Baked Biscuits
I snagged a recipe for doggy biscuits from cooking in the "memories" section. Mostly wheat flour and a jar of baby food, but the dogs love 'em. Thirty-six biscuits cost about $1.20 to make, a substantial savings over purchased biscuits and the pups like them just as well. Hooray, another pointless economy enacted.

Delightful Dining
I ate remarkably well today. I had a garlic-pepper-chicken sandwich for lunch, and a delicious T-bone for supper. Garlic bread topped things off nicely. I am replete and content. My blood sugar is way too high. Tonight, at least, I don't care.

Nothing much went right today. A) I over ate. B) I failed to make my phone calls to doctors. C) I still haven't retrieved my bales of MRI and PET scans for my Neurologist next week. D) I discovered I cannot reconnect my printer until I replace the power cord eaten by my dog E) I felt crappy every minute of the day that I wasn't eating. C'est la same old same old.


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