Karl (louderback) wrote,

Wednesday Morning Update

Bad! Bad Puppy!
Jirel has eaten the power cable off my printer. I guess I have to share the blame. I left the cable on the daybed that she has claimed as her own. I am amazed how complete was the destruction. Incredibly tiny pieces are all that remains of a standard power cable. I am at a loss how to train her not to do this sort of thing. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Failing fast
<sigh>I'm losing my place at home.</sigh> Control of the TV remote has passed from my side of the end-table to my sister's side. Male-gene issues aside, social dynamics of household dominance for non-function-specific-spaces is highly dependent on the appurtenances therein contained. Things like TV remotes, the location of the box of Kleenex, the footstool placement, and dirty-dish placement indicate one's position in the social order. I'm beginning to slide toward the bottom of the pile. A) Sis usually has the remote B) The kleenex box migrates toward her C) Her footstool causes me to walk around the long way to my chair D) I take her dishes to the kitchen fairly often O woe is me!

Insurance woes
My ins company called today. The information the doctors promised me they would sent to them two weeks ago has yet to arrive. I must begin yet another nagathon. No wonder my doctors never seem happy to see me. I am not looking forward to an afternoon on the phone.


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