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Another day another dollar. Damned shame that's the going rate.

I awoke briefly around 2am. I went back to sleep immediately. Well and good save that I fell asleep quite unintentionally around 8pm. I'm getting lots of sleep. Why don't I feel rested when I wake?

I will spend the weekend writing. I hope to install a chapter of Legion and to add a chapter to Kodrus. I have thought of a few new characters for Kodrus and will add them to my site

I've joined a couple writer's communities now. I am not very excited by what I see there so far, but I am still new in all the groups and may not be seeing some of the best stuff. Most of the poetry is the open verse that I don't much enjoy, though they do reflect mood quite well.

I feel the need, very strongly, to do something creative. I wish I could summon up the creativity to choose something to do … Catch 22!

My work schedule has changed. I will be working four tens with Friday off. Ten hour days Monday through Thursday won't be too bad, but I expect my butt will drag by the time I get home. I will also have to acquire some snack foods I can use to keep my blood sugar up in the long stretches (6am to noon) between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner (noon to 5pm). Mornings will be rough. I need to find something not sugary to snack on.

I read Ringbark's grammarian entry on split infinitives with interest. Of course, I now see that I do it all the time. Awareness is an eerie thing. I'll have to look over my writing to see where and under what circumstances it happens. I wonder that my grammar checker (MicroSoft Weird) doesn't flag such things.

Off to breakfast!


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