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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Change of address
nanowrimo 2010

New Address
I have a new e-mail address. Most direct: louderback@earthlink.net Preferred: louderback@livejournal.com Old but still working: louderback@bigfoot.com karl@myself.com

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hello there, just curious why you friended me?
that being said, have a lovely evening *grins*

I started blindpeople a zillion years ago (well two) and 4north as well and follow them closely though I no longer moderate or have anything to do with maintenance. I saw your post, checked out your profile, as I did not recognize you and was interested. Your journal had entries I liked so I friended you so as to follow your journal on my friends page. You seem like an interesting person and I am curious as to how you will cope with signing, tactile signing, and similar issues. I am blind (low vision actually) but have some minor experience with deafness as I have had a couple of co-workers over the years who were deaf. I learned ASL a long time ago but can no longer see well enough to use it. I have never tried tactile signing.

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