Karl (louderback) wrote,

Nothing of interest

Let there be .... water
I have water again! Thank goodness! After all the chinese food things were getting a bit odoriferous. C'est la merde.

Movie News
My Sis and I watched Gangs of New York today. We saw Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday. Gangs was much better than I expected. Call me a cynic but I have come to expect less than wonderful things from Leo Di Caprio movies. The historicity of the movie seemed good. Dress seemed reasonably authentic and the views of New York were interesting. I had seen Pirates in the theater, but it was worth a repeat.

The DSL guy was here today. I am now operating on DSL for phone service. I will move the computer tomorrow and try to get the modem on-line. My main e-mail will change soon, but all the ancillary ones will just start forwarding to the new one.

Karl Stuff
I've been feeling bad the last few days. Headaches plague me. I have a headache at all times, but recent flare-ups have been distracting. I am actually getting enough sleep for the first tie in ages ... not, mind you, in eight-hour chunks, but I am sleeping at least eight hours per day. I wish I could account for feeling so exhausted at all times. I have begun to bore me. More tomorrow.


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