Karl (louderback) wrote,

Not much of a day

I had strange dreams again last night. I don't know what has started this run of vivid and peculiar dreams. I haven't any new medications at the moment. I haven't changed my diet. I have had a lot of headaches lately. My seizures have been a little more intense than previously so there could be some overall connection.

I have been "off" all day. I woke later than usual — slept later than usual. I have been sleeping later since my "doggy alarm" system has broken down.

Until recently Jirel always woke me no later than 5:30. When I first got her it was my theory to get out of bed about that time. In recent weeks she has taken to wakening me at her whim. She no longer insists, however, that I must get out of bed at 5:30.

There may be a relationship between the Northeastern corner of my bed and my ability to sleep late. On that corner I have draped a fleece blanket about 3 feet square. Jirel usually sleeps on this and sometimes pulls a corner over her rump to keep warm. Tres cute! Since my sister's arrival, this spot is occasionally preempted by her dog Nickkie. When both dogs sleep at the foot of my bed, the usual arrangement is Jirel at the Northeast, Nickkie at the Southeast. When this is altered, the positions don't reverse. They do, in fact, change rather randomly throughout the night. The Point of Puppy Power, seems to be the Northeast corner and seems to be the only acceptable place for a dog to sleep — at least for any length of time. I note that when Nickkie occupies the PPP and Jirel sleeps on the floor, I am allowed to sleep late.

Next week I embark on my MRI acquisition quest. I need also to see the doctor about my headaches. I have been putting this off for a while as it has been humid or snowy. That usually wrecks my sinuses and causes headaches. I wish I could find some OTC sinus medication that worked for me. I've tried 'em all over the years and nothing works anymore … I've become immune.

More later, perhaps.


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