Karl (louderback) wrote,

Shrinkology Today

Today is the sort of day I really hate. I woke from a lot of bizarre dreams (which I will record in baddreams later today) feeling really miserable. Nothing specific seems wrong, but I have a killer headache, a tightness in the chest, intermittent coughing, and a perpetually runny nose. Actually, that sounded pretty specific. In any event, I feel miserable in an unallocated general way on top of all that. I have been smelling funny smells for a week, citrus, sweetish smells mostly, but once I was firmly convinced I could smell a cigar. Is it possible to have olfactory hallucinations? (the answer is yes). Hmmmm …

Shrinkologist Day
Today is shrinkologist day. I am determined to keep this appointment despite the strong urge to cancel today. I don't know why I am so reluctant to see George. I actually enjoy the sessions. They are a sort of social interaction I don't get otherwise. I just always leave in a bad mood.

On again/off again movie plans
Mario and Kim are going to Return of the King tonight and Sis and I were going to go. Sis may not make it because her friend Bob is going to visit. I may or may not go if she does not. I don't really want to spend the money, but would have in order to have something to do with her. *sigh*

Phone Crap
The phones have been busy lately. I don't know if having a dial-up connection interfering with that would be a good or a bad thing. *sigh* I suppose it is simply a matter of trying it to find out. A lot of the phone calls are calls I would just as soon didn't get through, but I have difficulty passing judgment on others.

Lunch Yesterday
Lunch yesterday with Randy was fun. I enjoyed myself, which is not usually the case. No criticism of Randy is implied, I just seem to have a hard time enjoying any human interaction these days. He and I are going to try to fix my computer. I have to quit now to deal with my own lunch — a bowl of chili.


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