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Deeply Weird

I think you'll find it odd, I certainly do, that last night was a night of hallucinations for others as well as you.

I woke at about 2:30 this morning ('bout 12:30 your time?) and began my usual shambling trek to the living room and the recliner chair that serves as my ersatz bed for most of most nights. As I entered the hallway to the living room I saw my mother in her shimmery blue silk PJs ahead of me. I followed her down the hall then across the dining room to the living room. When I got there she wasn't there.

When I told her about it this morning she had her own story to relate. About 20 minutes before I was up she got up to go to the bathroom, and couldn't open the door because my sister's dog Nick was blocking it. She spoke to Nick, called her, and couldn't budge her. She began to open the door and to just nudge Nick out of the way with it and found Nick wasn't there.

My sister reports that Nick was in her room with her (door closed) all night.

Did you see a green glowing cloud of any sort drifting by your home?

doo doo doo doo …
doo doo doo doo …


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