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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Morning again
nanowrimo 2010
Every day the same thing. First thing in the day Morning. No coincidence that this and what you do after a funeral are very similar words. You'd think they could get organized and hold mornings later in the day. Why not wake up to a nice relaxing afternoon?In Shangri-La it's always afternoon -- and you get lotus? I can't get lotus any time of day, Much less some Morning. Sheesh. Where's the coffee?

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GOOD morning to you !

Oh. I get it. Heavy Sarcasm. GOOD morning.

OK. I'm not a cheerful Charlie in the morning. I'm not even a cheerful Karl. More of a Grumpy Bob actually. Whatever works!

Still that hardly calls for verbal abuse. I mean, what next? "Have a nice day?" Put all the pressure on me! Force me to go out and somehow enjoy myself, just to please you. Well. I guess I know where I rate.

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