November 7th, 2010

nanowrimo 2010

0 word count!

snoozing alarm clock        I've slept from 01:00 until 16:42 today. I have to admit that is a fairly rare occurrence. I am embarrassed - for some reason - when I do this. <sigh>I could blame it on NaNoWriMo and my long writing hours, if I were doing better at NaNo. But, alas, I am not.</sigh> I don't get to use "alas" a lot. *beams with pride*

The Count         I will begin to write - being well-rested and all - as soon as I have finished my pork chop and mac'n'cheese. I suspect, however, that my word count will be something The Count will be easily able to handle. I have never noticed that he counts above five. So it looks like a sad sort of night. I lack motivation. I'm still sleepy after all that snoozin'

Tomorrow         Still, I suppose things aren't hopeless. There are five hours today left for writing. Goals are arbitrary, and I am actually slightly ahead in word count and - to quote Margaret Mitchell (or Scarlett O'Hara) "After all... tomorrow is another day." I never know just to whom I should attribute a quote, the character that speaks it on film or in the book or the author. Oh well, can't go wrong mentioning both!

nanowrimo 2010

Your Characters' voices

Today I just can't write, so I decided to give my characters their voices. Does anyone else do this?

I was once told that if your characters each had their own voices, things like "Said Sheila" or "John added angrily" would just disappear from your writing. I have found this (largely) to be true. I make all my characters have their own voice, by saying things that they would say and giving them habits of speech. Some use "uh" a lot, others have a lot of hesitations..." Here's some examples from my NaNo novel for 2010.


Warren is articulate, has a slight “east coast” accent and has a tendency toward long expository sentences – he speaks as though he is writing.

Akay has a sing-song tone – amerind/first nation (sounds like Adam Beach from windtalkers) . He tends to be wordy.

Martine is terse and growly

Bоўк has a habit of adding yes? No? to the end of sentences

Joyce (Bоўк’s wife) has a heavy Virginia southern accent

Alex has a terse manner, sometimes omits articles (a, an, the) and generally grunts if a grunt will do.

Marcia(Alex’ wife) has a southern accent but not as pronounced as joyce.

Justin has a “new yawk” accent and tends to be impatient. “C’mon” and “Gidda move on” come up a lot in his speech.

Rod uses “hmmm” before every sentence

Lee never answers without first asking “What?” even if you know he heard you perfectly