August 11th, 2010

nanowrimo 2010

Revitalizing the Psych Ward - 4North

         Since this seems to be inextricably linked to my FaceBook page (Does anyone out there know how to unlink?) I might as well take advantage of the ability to post to FB without having to look at the responses.

         I am trying to revitalize a LiveJournal community that I moderate. It is called 4North and can be found by clicking the link. It is intended as a forum for anyone who has had the experience of being an inpatient at a Psych Ward. Content is wide open. I'd like to hear about both good and bad experiences as an inpatient. Any expressions by former (or current) inpatients are welcome be they epic poems or heated rants. Give it a look.

Quill and Scroll

Shameless Promotion

As long as I am promoting web sites:
I play chess on-line at Gameknot. It is free. Just start a game and challenge "louderback". Games of "reversi" or Othello are available, but take some finding. Contact me if you are interested.

I play backgammon at Zooescape. It is free. Feel free to start a game of backgammon (I don't play the other games they offer) and challenge "louderback".

I chat as you all doubtless know at Walkers in Darkness. An id and a nickname of your choosing is required. It is a mental health support chat … not for everyone.

I can be reached via Skype as karllouderback and genuinely enjoy voice or video chat but will be willing to type messages back and forth.

I am (rarely) on Yahoo IM as Karlthehun. I suggest you contact me via e-mail to let me know you want to use this product. I enjoy voice, video, and text on Yahoo.

My poetry (though it has languished since I've been programming) can be found at louderpoetry

My prose (also languishing) is at louderprose

The dreaded louderblog will eventually stop showing up on FB. You might make not of the link if you are interested in following my daily whinging.

Since my days are filled of late with learning the Ruby programming (scripting) language, I am considering creating a community based on my learning process. If I do, I'll share the link before my LJ/FB connexion goes away.
nanowrimo 2010

This gave me pause, I think I need to think about it.

If we don't see love as a supernatural force -- see it as a human emotion, part of our evolution as a social species -- that doesn't make it less valuable. In fact, it is rather humbling and inspiring to think that physical matter and energy could create compassion, empathy, and connection.

nanowrimo 2010

Am I getting lonely?

A lonely man sitting in a darkened hallway

         I am missing my SKYPE contacts. I used to spend at least thirty minutes every day chatting with someone. Now I have conversations, sometimes long ones, only once or twice per week. I guess SKYPE was sort of a fad. I really enjoyed the video chats, but even those who chat with me via voice, rarely do video. I guess it is an idea whose time has not yet come.

         Dropping FaceBook at a time when my SKYPE contacts are tapering off (I wonder if they are being displaced by google voice?) leaves me feeling a bit lonely. Fortunately I have my Ruby studies to keep me occupied. I am also going to try and force some "freewriting" in louderprose and maybe some poetry. You'll find any poems I attempt in louderpoetry. I expect that there'll be little creativity forthcoming, as most of it gets soaked up programming.

         I can't seem to avoid arguments lately. IM–ing a friend in Yahoo yesterday we got into a, well…not an argument, but a discussion at the top of the print, about whether writing Ruby was just scripting or actual programming. What's the difference really? Ruby is an interpretive as opposed to a compiled language but so what?

         I'm going to count this as my "freewriting" for the day.