October 15th, 2009

nanowrimo 2010

The Ballad of Mighty Ed

I am enamored of the villanelle as a poetic form. When eight or more limericks related by subject or theme are gathered to lambaste said subject or theme, the poetic form is called a "villanous".

The Ballad of Mighty Ed


There's a mighty man named Ed
of which much can be sed.
When playin' backgammon
my checkers he's rammin'
and frequently I wish him ded

Righty Ed

The reason Ed's called Mighty
is not casual or flighty
It's his height and his girth
and intellectual worth
and a political tend to the righty.

The Fate of Ed

Ed, he worked in radio
before he met his lady-o.
He became a programmer
but belonged in the slammer
then he taught in a classroom/studio

Ratings Revival

It may be hard to believe
but plaudits Ed does receive.
His backgammon rating
is always inflating
and my own I cannot re-veeve.

The Art of Noice

Somewhat should be said of Ed's voice.
Its reverberations are choice.
He once did some adverts
and radio sales blurts
now he uses it mostly for noice.

The Diminution of Ed

Mighty Ed is known for his girth
his weight in gold of consid'rable worth
but he's rapidly losing.
To be svelte he is choosing
through exercise like Hell-on-Earth.


Ed's lady is Miss Kimmiepie.
Alas oft she does flie
to far Idaho
where, as you know,
they grow the potatoes you frie.

To Far for Sushi

Mighty Ed who plays backgammon
who my checkers is constantly hammerin'
lives too far away
to reach in a day
or we'd have sushi with wasabi and salmon.

Copyright 2009 R.R.Louderback
all rights reserved