September 10th, 2009

nanowrimo 2010

a wasted day

         This will be a short entry today. I have spent the day wasting time utterly by playing chess or backgammon incessantly. I have avoided online backgammon sites because they are all heavily gambling oriented. I just want to play, I'm not even interested in gambling with "virtual money".

         Games aside I didn't manage to write anything. I have been ravenously hungry and any time not spent in front of the keyboard has been spent eating.

         The good news of the day is that I have television again. My projector's bulb blew out last Friday (of course it would happen right before a holiday). Even though I placed an order immediately, even next day delivery failed to get it to me before yesterday (when it was delivered to the wrong house). Finally I got the new bulb at about 15:35. *sigh* my DVR was 92% full.

         More tomorrow perhaps.