September 9th, 2009

nanowrimo 2010

Two Doctor Visits

Yawning Kitten

         I'm sleepy. I deserve it. I haven't slept for about twenty-four hours. I've been to two doctors today. My "allergist" who is rapidly becoming my primary care physician prescribed some clonazepam/klonopin for my foot pain. I hope it works. I really hope it works. I can't go on sleeping only between bouts of pain. My other doctor, my chiropractor, did the usual adjustment. He was not very successful today, though. Usually, after a visit my back feels noticeably better and the pain in my foot often subsides. There was little change today.

         I think part of the problem is my last seizure (on the 4th). I hit the floor hard and I believe I've bruised my ribs. The doc didn't think much of my theory, but I know where I hurt. He listened to my heart, did the pulse/blood pressure thing and pronounced me "normal sounding".

         I did a little more work on my "psychic detective" story. Added or fleshed out the secondary characters (I am using a product called CELTX to organize and guide me through the scripting process. I do not like writing scripts. I may convert this to a novel.

         This will be a short one, I think I'm ready for bed.