January 3rd, 2009

nanowrimo 2010

Visits and a long nap

         I activated/reactivated my Facebook for the first time since I created it a couple of decades ago. OK, a while back, May of '07. The version I use is intended for the blind; I find it much more usable than the standard one. If you have a Facebook account, try it out. I decided to do some blogging there and discovered that there is no real support for blogging per se. I tried to establish myself at Myspace around the same time (well, the November before) but I didn't like blogging in two places and both Facebook and Myspace are fairly photo-intensive. The blind guy is not going to be taking and uploading a lot of pix. I do want to establish a bit more of a web presence, but I think I'm going to concentrate more on getting what I'm already doing noticed than doing more in different places. I specifically want to get my louderprose and louderpoetry communities noticed in more places around the web. That means I need to write more. If anyone has suggestions about this, let me know. It may be that livejournal is not the place for such, but it is the environment in which I am most comfortable

         I have been asleep since around 15:30 (it is now 22:30). This seven-hour stretch is one of the longest I've had in some time. Partly, I attribute it to sheer exhaustion. For the rest, I'll lay be blame on visiting family.

         Sis and I went to my cousin's today for lunch. My other cousin was there with a friend from Georgia. Neighbors dropped by. Visitors visited. Altogether it was a pleasant Hell. I honestly don't enjoy such occasions but try to make the best of things. I spent a little time talking with my aunt who is (I think) 95 this year. She is extremely hard of hearing and does not wear any sort of hearing aid so this involved a deal of shouting and hand waving. I suppose I enjoy catching up on things but the process exhausts me emotionally.

         Within 20 minutes of getting home today I was asleep.

         Now that I'm up again I'm facing blood glucose of 269. I'm going to take my "overnight" shot to start my day and slam 70mg of levemir. I'll throw in 30mg of humalog and probably be back to the 100-150 blood glucose range around 1:00. Then, of course, I will be ravenous and I'll blast my sugars back to astronomical figures by eating a grain of rice. I hate that my sugars are so unpredictable.

         Enough for now. I'll finish up tomorrow.