December 9th, 2008


Lantus discoveries

         Jefferson City, Missouri — It's like Mordor but with a Wal-Mart. I confess to stealing the line but it is apropos. This truly is a miserable place to live. Sis and I were playing the "If we had all the money in the world…" game today. That's also known as the "After I win the Lotto…" game. I was deeply saddened to learn how low my ambitions have fallen. At one point I was going on about how I'd fix up the house when I realized that if I had tons of money, I'd raze the place, sow the smoking ruins with salt, and build a real house. Visions of a medieval castle flitted briefly past, to be replaced with a Miami high-rise, a Caymans beach house, and finally a townhouse somewhere large enough to have decent services and resources. I don't even want to live in a nice place. I just want some place that has access to busses and cabs and places to go to in them.

         Before this turns into a bitch-fest, let my topic meander off in the direction of medicine. Sis and I saw the Endocrinologist today. He told her all the same old stupid things doctors tell patients, "eat right and exercise". Like that's ever going to happen… She has some work to do to get her blood sugars under control, but so do I. Mostly she needs to stop drinking mountain dew. I know how hard a habit it is to break, but it has to happen.

         The Endo (Dr. Coffer) has given me some levemir to try instead of my lantus. I find it interesting that both are "long acting" but levemir reports a 5-7 hour half-life and lantus is very cagey about reporting a half-life at all. The anectodal testimony (from users) is that lantus is in your system more than 24 hours later and that doses tend to overlap. That would explain perfectly what has been happening to me. I'll complain more about that another time, I guess.

         I've changed the format of my journal, as some of you will have noticed. The "custom" format I've used for some time is just too hard for me to maintain. <sigh>It is simpler, or at least plainer in most respects, but I am not able to modify it or re-arrange in any way.</sigh> I've imbedded my livejournal in my website's index page. See for yourself but I am not liking the results. Frames never suited me.

         In future I'm going to try and add a link to my latest prose and poetry. Tonight it is just a link to those journals.



         Yet another midnight updating the diary for no particular reason. I need to prune my friends list again. There are a lot of RSS feeds that I don't really pay attention to these days. I am also finding that I've got a lot of friends diaries in my page that I can't identify. I have no reason why I friended some of these people or what interest their diaries originally held. I have to start taking some notes about such things.

         Midnight is a difficult time for me. Of late, I sleep by 18:00 (6pm) and wake by 22:00 (10pm). I'm usually up thereafter for about four hours and sleep between 2:00 and 4:00 or 5:00. I often get a total of 8 hours sleep in the course of a day, but never in one 8-hour stretch. I'm not sure that is really a bad thing save that it leaves me up and about when nobody else is available. There is nothing to do in Jefferson City at the best of times. Finding anything to do at 2:00 in the morning is impossible. Even the 24-hour McDonald's is closed (Really. The sign says "Open 24 hours" and if you go there they are closed from 2:00 to about 5:30).

         Experiments with Levemir (insulin) proceed apace. I like the Levemir better than the Lantus. I've only given the test 2 days, but whereas in the past an injection of 70 units of Lantus left me with high sugars in the morning, 60 units of Levemir leave me with normal sugars. Oddly enough, the chemical formulae for the two hormones are as near identical as makes no difference (as reported by Wikipedia). I do find it interesting that in Wikipedia, the half-life of Levemir is reported as 5-7 hours but is not reported for Lantus. I did a little research and found that Lantus doesn't report its half-life anywhere. There are a few anecdotal statements that give its effectiveness as about 24 hours. Users of both report that Lantus sometimes lasts a lot more than 24 hours. That would explain why, since my injection times vary a bit, I sometimes have more or less Lantus in my system and my blood glucose tends to bounce up and down a lot. After two days on Levemir, things seem to be working out better for me.
         I have updated my web site. I am having trouble maintaining it so I may eventually drop it altogether. For the time being, I have made this journal my main page and my links list (at the left) my directory for the site.

         I have added a category to my recipe collection… Untested Recipes. Now I can add those recipes I have found, but not actually tried, and move them to the "keepers" category once I've had a chance to decide if they are any good or not.

         I've also made some provisions to make my Louderprose and Louderpoetry journals more maintainable by me. I am keeping the unique layouts for now but will go to standard ones at a later time.