February 22nd, 2008

nanowrimo 2010

dreaming again

Another "utopian" dream

         I had another of those "naked" dreams last night. I was watching a bucolic, very park-like landscape. Several people were moving about doing nothing in particular. All were nude. None of them paid me any attention. Eventually a man with long dark hair who seemed in his 20's - 30's began walking toward. Another who looked like a mid-teenager did the same. Before they reached me I woke up.

         I've dreamed of this place and these people before. In this big park-like place is an enormous structure that seems fully integrated with the outdoors. The floors are mostly grass, there are no windows and relatively few walls, just openings to the outdoors. I recall water running through the structure somewhere. Perhaps an idealization of some utopian desire on my part?

         BTW; the Hodges Home pictured above is an experiment in creating an efficient solar house from about thirty years ago. It vaguely resembles my dream

nanowrimo 2010

Movies and whatnot

         This is my second entry for the day. That doesn't happen much.

         I'm in an odd state of health. My blood sugars have been under 170 (9.4) for the last two days — for me that is great. But I've been feeling "sick" for about the same time, very "run-down" and completely without energy. My creativity is at an all-time low.

         I'd blame it on the weather, but I'm suffering no discomfort at all (I wrote that very softly so the gods wouldn't hear).

         I've enjoyed a run of good movies of late. I re-watched Transporter and Transporter 2. I'm a Jason Statham fan in the sense that I admire his ability to make those cool martial-arts-ish moves with a sense of style. He manages to combine the best qualities of Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Today I saw War that had both Jason and Jet. I'm not really up for this kind of movie most of the time, but I am convinced that Jason and Jet can both act. If you don't believe Jet Li can act, watch Unleashed.

         I've got a veritable Jason Statham-fest going on. My Netflix queue has Crank and The Bank Job coming soon. I've not seen either, so you see I have some catching up to do.

         I watched Night at the Museum. I'd have passed on it save that it had Owen Wilson in it. I dislike Ben Stiller (although I liked him in Mystery Men and not much else). I've been a fan of Owen since the days of The Minus Man and The Haunting. He is an actor whose career has pleased me erratically.

         I also saw Stardust today and was heartily pleased. We had to stop the movie part-way through to go and look up who was playing the main character, Tristan Thorn. It turned out to be Charlie Cox. He is not really on my radar, but Sis and I were both going mad trying to figure out who he was. It turns out he was very familiar because we had seen him quite recently in Cassanova. We had watched that because of Heath Ledger's passing.

         I find myself still distressed because of Heath's departure. I suppose he'll be remembered mostly for Brokeback Mountain and A Knight's Tale. That saddens me a bit. He did excellent work in The Order and Cassanova. I even liked his fantasy TV series Roar. I don't know why but his loss and that of Brad Renfro have both touched me unusually deeply.

         Next up on Netflix are Beowulf and No Country for Old Men. I had no interest in the latter until it began being blathered about in awards shows. It sounds sufficiently like A Simple Plan to me that I wasn't going to bother. I guess we'll see.

         Recipes added today: Potato and Vegetable Enchiladas