December 26th, 2007

nanowrimo 2010

Arrr, maties!

         I've been playing "Pirates of the Burning Sea" incessantly for the last few days. I've joined the Beta for this new game and I'm liking it so far. It has a "cartooney" look to me, but everything Sony Online Entertainment does has that look. I guess they insist on they same palette of pastel colors for all their games. It makes everything look very 2-dimensional and "drawn" to me.

         That aside, the game plays well. You can design an interesting pirate costume and the faces and facial hair and such are good. They need more faces, and they need more hats! You start out choosing a nationality, British, French, Spanish, or Pirate. Well, I guess "pirate" is loosely a nationality. Then, if not a pirate, you decide to be a naval officer, merchant, or privateer. So far I have played only the pirate scenario to any meaningful degree. I like it so far! You can attack merchant and navy ships, even take over better ships than your own if you can take 'em. Arrr!

         The ships seem fairly realistic and the "in port" game does too. There is a harbor master and a merchant. You can build warehouses and factories of sort. Altogether I'm pleased enough with the game to consider buying it.

         Games aside, nothing much has been going on with me. I've been savagely depressed over nothing at all for the last few days. I'm over it now. I think I'm finally getting lonely after being retired for 6 years. Time to get out and mix a little I guess. There's a coffee shop near here that could be a good hangout.

         I'm still fighting with my insulin. I HATE giving myself shots. I especially hate it because my sugars have been out of control for months and the insulin isn't bringing it down. I'm taking Lantus if that means anything to you out there. My sugars have been running 300 for a while now. A 35mg injection once a day doesn't seem to be having any effect on it at all. I am hoping my doc will increase the amount soon. I don't like having my sugars this high this long... causes tissue damage and kidney damage. I don't really care about the eye damage, that is pretty much inevitable for me. Kidney damage is another matter. I remember how my father suffered with kidney problems before he passed. Ick.

         No freewriting tonight.