October 30th, 2007

nanowrimo 2010

NAtional NOvel WRIting Month

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     NANOWRIMO is upon me again. I've tried twice and failed. This might be the year. I am spending the day outlining my novel(la). I hope to actually write a novella-sized story (70,000 words). That would be 2333.33 words a day. It's not really that difficult a task.

     I have a vague outline of a story and some thoughts on characters. I am writing fantasy, of course. "Of course", because that is what I've been writing for at least the last five years. I used to write exclusively Science Fiction but was so unsuccessful at it that I have changed genres.

     I want to write, this year, about wizards and wizardry. Maybe it's the Harry Potter thing working, but I am really interested to see a young, good-looking, normally adjusted, wizard instead of the misogynistic, arthritic, shriveled, bitter, old, pointy-hat-wearing archetypes that we've had to live with for so long. I also don't want my wizard to be Harry Potter. I've seen too many "Harry Potter meets Billy the Kid", "Harry Potter meets Frankenstein", and "Harry Potter vs. Dracula" bits of fan-fic and don't want to write anything approaching them.

     And another thing … why can't a wizard use a sword. Damned D&D causes even film-makers to unconsciously obey its stridently enforced rules.

     This journal entry contains 227 words. That's just about 10% of my total needed for the day. I can do this.