September 10th, 2007

nanowrimo 2010


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     I've a few Evil Monkeys of my own. Probably, it is better not to go into them in any detail. The current monkeys on my back deserve a survey. You'll find that under another cut at the end of the post.

     My biggest monkey is not on my back, but my front. I've got to shed this gut but am not willing to work hard enough to do it. Where does one get the motivation?

     Monkey #2 is a long list of addictions: diet pepsi, coffee, (which is to say caffeine), my computer, television, computer games, and some others that might not be addictions. "I can quit them any time."

     I know how to break habits but can't find the motivation to do so. Am I to be left no vices?

     Oh well, on to the poll.

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