September 6th, 2007

nanowrimo 2010

Nostalgia and some freewriting

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     Today seems to be a nostalgic day. I'm listening to all 3 volumes of "Queen's Greatest Hits". Oddly enough relatively few of the songs on these albums seem to me to be their "greatest". I wonder what criteria were used?

Thinking back on the days when I was reading Doc Savage, Conan the Barbarian, Jirel of Joiry, Ka-Zar, Tarzan, Zorro, The Shadow, Flash Gordon, and so many others I realize that grandiloquent fiction has colored my taste in reading, listening, and nearly all things. My favorite authors tended to be a bit extravagant in their descriptiveness. I've always favored, Robert Heinlein, Theodore Sturgeon, Eric Frank Russell, Glen Cook, and a similar writers of fiction. All of them tend to be a bit bombastic or at least "preachy". My favorite writings on philosophy are by Ayn Rand. Could you describe her writing or philosophies as other than grandiloquent? In music, I listen to Queen and Meat Loaf. Is there such a thing as bombastic music? (well, other than Wagner, of course—another favorite). It's probably just as well that didn't really carry over into my taste in clothes. I'd probably be wearing a velvet jacket with lace at the throat and cuffs right now…

Thinking of those good ol' days makes me miss my eyes. There's no chance whatsoever I'll ever find Eric Frank Russell or the old Doc Savage stories on tape. Even Glen Cook is unlikely. Even if I do, it's just not the same. I wonder if I'll ever come to terms with not being able to read?

     On the subject of nostalgia. I've been looking to resurrect my painting skills. I haven't painted using oils or acrylic for many years. I keep hoping to get a start to see what I'm still capable of doing. Step 1 is to begin sketching. I'm equipped fully for that. I just have to get motivated.

     Everybody that has my phone number, call me. A friend tells me that all my phone calls go directly to voice mail. I've received some calls, but, (perhaps) not the usual volume. I'm not racking up a lot of calls, but the "regulars", the local callers, are getting through. If you fail to reach me directly, please leave a message so I know things are messing up.

     Aches and pains due to the weather continue to plague me though the weather has improved. I suppose this problem will only get worse as the fall and winter seasons move in. Great! I've complained about the weather all year and now I have new seasons to gripe about. <sigh>I've been reduced to talking about the weather in my journal…</sigh>


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