August 26th, 2007

nanowrimo 2010

sleepy day

     Today has been a little tough on me. For some reason I can't stay awake. I've checked my glucose levels and such but they are in normal range. I've slept enough hours recently that I shouldn't be this tired. Maybe I just have a sleep deficit I need to make up. I'll crash early tonight and see what happens.

     I've had a couple of dreams this morning and this afternoon while napping. Nothing out of the ordinary, but I remember them better than I usually do. One was a typical "walking dream". I have those all the time. The other was a "following dream" not to uncommon either.

     The walking dream: I was in a well-tended countryside. From where I stood I could see a number of cultivated fields. I walked downhill to a dirt path that traversed my view winding diagonally to my left. I believe it led more or less North. I followed the path, which was paved with white rock of some sort, and came to a well. There a horse was grazing. It was saddled but was not tied and was wandering freely. It shied away as I came close and trotted to a distance under some trees. I resumed walking but I don't remember any other events before I woke.

     The following dream: I was in an office building. There were cubicles and more well-defined offices off a number of very long halls. I followed a man with reddish-brown hair. He wore his hair collar length in a style that reminded me of the late '60s or early '70s. He was dressed in a white shirt and gray slacks. The shirt was of an almost shiny silk. He never turned toward me so I didn't see his face well. I caught a glimpse of him in profile and his appearance was unremarkable. A largish nose, a slightly receding chin, dark eyebrows. He walked a bit more rapidly than I do so I often found myself moving to catch up. He was obviously leading me somewhere, but the destination was not obvious. We made several turns, always into very long hallways. The surroundings varied from well-lit spaces with tall windows to almost dim places where only a few overhead lights were on. He never spoke. I don't remember any end to this dream, just walking then waking.

     I've been on a recipe kick, collecting new dishes to prepare. Once I've tried 'em out, I'll post them on my website. I'm a little worried today because that website is down. I may call the ISP to find out what is going on if it does not come back up soon.