August 19th, 2007

nanowrimo 2010

sucks to be me (or my computer) today

Collapse )          I've been doing no writing for a few days. I sent my computer in for repairs on the 11th. I got it back late on the 15th. I'm still recovering. Jason (Josh?) of Smallwood Technologies is not my favorite person these days. He didn't find any problems with my machine. I suspect he didn't look. He formatted my drive & reinstalled here and there. He made some tyro's mistakes. He backed up my drive but restored rather badly. He didn't preserve my root directory. He backed up my address book program but didn't bother to save the data. He backed up my calendar but didn't save that data. He restored my "my pictures" directory in the sense that he restored all the directories subordinate to it but not the files directly under "my pictures". </p>

         I'm not going to let him touch my machine ever again, not least because reformatting didn't solve my problems. The 'puter is still slow, the drives won't record CDs or DVDs, and my keyboard is constantly skipping or doubling characters, slowing my already miserable typing speed. The theory that wiping out the software on a machine has never made sense to me. It's like losing weight by sawing off a leg. It works, but it doesn't address the problem. I had a friend once who always maintained that you should never fill any drive more than 50%. He tended to get mystical about his reasons, but they boiled down to "it needs some room to breathe". Yeah.

         I opened up the box and blew out the dust. That has helped things somewhat. I found a fan that was not turning and fixed it with a little percussive maintenance. That may have caused things to run hot. I checked the connections and found one drive was wiggle-able. Not a good thing. I don't know if it was that way pre-jason or not. I've been working through restoration and diagnosis slowly. Someone who could see could diagnose the problems here in a few minutes. I've been at it over 10 hours and am just getting a picture. It is very slow for me because I have to hold a magnifier in one hand, the cables in the other hand, any tools I want to use in the other hand, the side panel in the other hand, and so forth while trying to put my entire head inside the computer case in order to see what I'm doing.

         Once I've diagnosed the problems I'll have someone who is not Jason come in and fix them under my direction. What a pain in the ass.

         I lost a lot of data. I lost a lot of software too. They restored all the programs on my machine, but didn't bother to do the installed ones from my program files directory, so I now have winamp instead of winamp pro and have to try and recover the product key from winamp. It had been on this machine and its predecessors for over 7 years moving from machine to machine. I haven't had the key since around 2001. Winamp says they don't restore keys and I don't have the data to give 'em anyway. If I want winamp pro back I'm going to have to buy it again. I have re-registered/re-keyed paint shop pro, my calendar, my address book, and my html (coffeecup) editor, but have basically had to reinstall all of them. Paint shop pro and opera in particular have forced me into new versions which is not (for me) a good thing.

         I've had to purchace the dvd codecs that would allow my machine to play DVDs because they installed a new version of MS media player. It would appear that media player in the current version comes without DVD support. Only $15, but it adds up quickly. I think it is going to cost me around $90 to recover from this revolting disaster.

         It really sucks to be me today.