August 10th, 2007

nanowrimo 2010

game-free weekend

     My desktop is computer-free today, or nearly so. I am using the mac mini which some of you may recall is no longer a mac since I accidentally deleted the operating system and can't figure how to reinstall OSX.

     My 'puter is at the shop getting serious rehab and a new video card. I will probably not get it back over the weekend which is stressing me massively.

     Isn't it a damn shame to be that addicted to the internet? I am missing my ususal browser badly and am suffering withdrawl from City of Villains (which I play incessantly).

     On other fronts, the Prius continues to be a pleasant experience. Mileage so far is running to 40.2 rather than the sticker-promised 50, but that's no surprise. The CD player has nuances that neither sis nor I have yet figured out, but it sounds great! The only deficiency I've found so far is that the mirrors have to be manually adjusted from the outside... no interior handles and no power buttons. What a strange thing! Maybe there was a "power" option we didn't take.

     I am becoming increasingly nervous about my doggie Jirel. She has a cyst or growth on her left front paw. The Vet says it is "trauma" but there has been no broken skin or scrapes or whatever so I have to wonder how she got hurt. We've seen the Vet twice. He x-rayed her paw the first time. Now she is limping and I'm not at all happy about that. A friend has recommended arnica for her. I am going to look into it.

     That aside, it is time to cook dinner, barbecued chicken, stove top stuffing, and green beans. Laterz!