June 17th, 2007

nanowrimo 2010

Zorro and stomach troubles

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         Today was high on the crap-o-meter. In every sense of the word crap. I had hideous diarrhea which coupled with my hideous cold made coughing an experiment in fear. The roast beef sandwich I had for lunch did not stay down and urping while having diarrhea is something which bears no description. To have had a seizure after all this just tops off a day that was unrelentingly bad.

         "Apart from that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?" Not all that bad. Given the ickyness of the day I simply watched television and tried to hold myself together. I am doing a Zorro-thon. It started quite unintentionally when I saw Legend of Zorro (the Antonio Banderas Zorro). It put me in the mood and I noticed that two different channels were showing Zorro movies. One was Mask of Zorro (Banderas) and the other was The Mark of Zorro with Frank Langella as the Masked Hero. I have seen many Zorro's over the years. I hold that Antonio Banderas should be buried in the Zorro costume as Bela Lugosi was buried in the Dracula Costume. That said, I was delighted with the 1974 portrayal (TV movie) by a young, thin, Frank Langella. I like Lanngella asan actor. I've seen him do a Sherlock Holmes that was excellent. I even liked him as Skeletor (the only thing I liked about that movie). I think his best performances were around 1980. He did a quite acceptable Dracula and the Sherlock that I mentioned earlier at about that time.

         I can't bring myself to write tonight so I'll just call it quits.