June 13th, 2007

nanowrimo 2010


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         Who ever thought the dead would rise in such a fashion? Now I guess we find out if the National Guard's training really includes anything useful for zombie attacks. In late-night movies, the first thing the Mayor ever does when zombies show up is to call the National Guard. Now we'll see if life (or afterlife, I suppose) imitates art.

         So far the zombie "attacks" in my neighborhood have been limited to them wandering down the street. I haven't seen a zombie actually attack anyone except on TV. We're staying indoors (it's sis's day off) and keeping the shades down. Thank goodness this happened while the family was at home. Had Sis been at the prison where she works, getting home might have been difficult.

         Sis has rather a blasé attitude about the zombies we have seen. She says the prisoners she works with all day have very zombie-like attitudes.

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