April 8th, 2007

Doctor Doom

Sighs matters

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         I've been bummed for a couple of days. Nothing seems to be going right. I have called Dr. Biller repeatedly and haven't been able to get a straight answer about my cardiac stress test and blood work. I have to assume if the news was really bad they would have called by now. I may just go to his office and wait if I don't get things settled up Monday morning.

         My finances are in the toilet again. What a surprise. I think that I will be digging out of the hole I'm in around the end of the year, but in the next 2 years I will have to spend around $50,000 that I am simply not going to have. We must have a car. We must repair the driveway, and the bathroom remodel that was optional is becoming a necessity. I've just discovered a hole in the bathtub. I have no idea how one makes a hole in a bathtub, but there it is. Repair will stave off remodeling at the cost of around $300, but it will only hold things together for a while. Both bathrooms have been leaking into the basement since I moved in here… off and on.

         My last "local" friend has moved out of town. I must find out what the attraction is in Illinois. My son and daughter just moved to Bloomington-Normal. Now the last person with whom I ever have lunch or coffee or whatever has moved to Belleville. I am feeling a little abandoned in Jefferson City. Oh well, I don't/didn't go out that much anyway and I don't really like it much. *sigh*

         I'm not going to do any freewriting this time. I have the urge to do some poetry but can't summon the energy for it.