March 12th, 2007

nanowrimo 2010

300 and an itenerary

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         My dogs are driving me crazy today. They bark at every little thing. I don't know what has them on edge. I hope it is nothing serious, but as nearly as I can tell, it is just passing cars.

         The whole cell phone thing is working out reasonably well. I still haven't figured out what message I have that I can't find (I keep getting reminders) but eventually I'll sort it out. I think it must be a text message but don't know if my phone is even text capable. I don't want it to be. Text messages are unusable by me even with a magnifier.

         I'm making plans today. I've got to go out for a bit tomorrow or the next day and am trying to decide what must be done and what can be foregone.

  1. Shop at Dollar General
  2. Visit Dillards to price t-shirts
  3. Visit Dr. Mortise's Office with RX paperwork
  4. Visit Dr. Biller's Office about C-pap
  5. Visit Medicaid Office to set up appointment or do paperwork
  6. Meet Randy for lunch at Dun Bros. Coffee?
  7. Meet at theatre for 300?

         Meeting for coffee has been confirmed. Lunch is up in the air. The visits to the docs are confirmed. I think I'll likely be too tired to do Dillards or 300. I must stop at dollar general or stop feeding my addiction to diet pepsi.

         Just experience a bit of an argument about 300. Someone online was all pissed off about the movie's historical inaccuracy. I completely understand that, but — c'mon, its a movie! I know that the Spartans wore leather breast plates and what looks like a kilt, not spandex-looking thongs, but again, its a movie and makes no claims to historical accuracy. I guess the thing that bugs me is that the pseudo-scholar who ticked me off earlier takes exception to the fact that Leonidas, as a King of Sparta was exempted from the agoge and wouldn't have killed a wolf anyway but a slave. Well yes, but who cares? Nobody knows much about Sparta in any historical sense. At most, some people will have heard of the battle of Thermopylae.

         Eventually, I caught on that my chain was being jerked by a very great jerk indeed. I, myself, get annoyed at historical inaccuracies (Xena used to drive me bats by making vague references to the mythology they were rewriting) but it doesn't really impair my ability to enjoy if the production is otherwise acceptable. I actually watched Xena and Hercules quite a bit.

         How do people like this find me?

         I updated louderpoetry and louderprose today.