March 10th, 2007

nanowrimo 2010

Taxes and snakes

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         Went back to H&R Blockheads. The woman who looked at my return just shook her head and threw it away. I brought in, at the preparer's request, my real estate taxes. It turns out that not only am I not eligible for that deduction but that I need not file at all this year. I didn't have enough income.

         That, at least was worth knowing. I won't file again unless the laws change or my income alters.

         Lunch/Dinner today was a hand-made pizza. We made an extra crust and are freezing it to see how that works. If it goes well, I will prepare and freeze several crusts. I will have my own better than store-bought frozen pizzas on hand.

         I'm watching the new Robin Hood series. It is OK so far, but I have misgivings. It may take a while to find its feet if it succeeds at all.

         Not ambitious tonight, that's all.

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