February 8th, 2007

nanowrimo 2010

Writing and distraction

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         I'm having a very hard time keeping it together today. I feel fragmented. I went to my neurologist Dr. Highhorse. I was so distracted and disaffected that I failed the altzheimer's test (remember three words... repeat them later, spell a word, spell it backwards). I never could spell anything backwards. I don't compartmentalize well lately.

         I'm actually quite concerned with my degenerating mental acuity. I feel as sharp as ever, but I know I'm slower and that my appalling tendency to repeat myself had risen to a fever pitch. Still worse (well, from my standpoint, not yours) I now tend to forget conversations. I find that my sister is very irritated at the fact that I can't remember having with her the same conversation "three or four times".

         I've done a little checking, and my journal entries sometimes repeat themselves. Bleeeech!

         Now is ze time on Schprokets vhen ve write!

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