January 31st, 2007

Yield! Taurus!

snow and mac

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         I had the flu (a flu? some flu?) this week. It was not the 24-hour kind as hoped. *bleeech*

         The Mac is up and running. Must now find a name for it. I think it is female. Most of my computers have been female. The exceptions were my first atari (named Alex) and my first AT (Artie). Before you accuse me of cuteness, the "A" in both names is purely coincidental. I don't know why computers must be anthropomorphized by me but such is the case. Please enclose a self-addressed stamp envelope if you enter the naming contest.

         My music has been stilled for a week. I can't hear from either ear and have to turn music or tv up so loud it unsettles the dogs and my Sis. Sis, however, has been happy enough to steal my Ensiferum and Amon Amarth CDs to play in the car. It would appear "viking death metal" goes well with driving in the snow.

         Speaking of snow, it is doing that again. We have about an inch on the ground here. It is 5° and very windy. I can't tell if it is actually snowing or just blowing what has already fallen. Is there a meteorologist in the house? I thought there was some temperature below which it couldn't snow…

         I haven't done any freewriting for a while. I don't feel like it tonight either.