January 15th, 2007


The Green Pasture, Jotunn, Melodic Death Metal

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         Today is another slow day. I'm listening to "melodic death metal" again on Last.fm and getting a lot of "Viking Folk". I love the lyrics for these songs. Some of them are notably anti-Christian, but this in no way offends me. Many of my ancestors were notably anti-Christian. Quite a few Christians were "anti" my ancestors, too. It has inspired me to do a bit of reading and research on Norse Mythology and related things. I had forgotten how many gods there were and how interestingly like every other creation myth the Norse beliefs were. That sounded some how deprecating, but was not intended so.

         I've been fascinated by the Jötunn of late. I learned years ago that they were giants, that they lived in frozen places, and that Thor had a problem with them. I pretty much left it at that until the last few days. I've recently learned that there are fire giants and frost giants, that the gods didn't exclusively hate them, as they had a tendency to mate with giantesses. I've been able to find the name of 29 giants. I would imagine there are more. At the moment I'm trying to find out how they fit into the creation mythology. It would appear that they bear more than a casual resemblance to the titans or nephelim and are the source of lots of troll legends.

         This morning I watch "The Green Pastures" in the 1936 version. Despite being politically incorrect, I found the picture very interesting and more than a little entertaining. It would be impossible to make a modern equivalent of this movie. A remake was done in 1957. I would like to see that to see just what they did. I would love to be able to plumb the mind of those who created this movie to see just what was their purpose in making an all-black movie of that tenor and with that story at that particular point in history.

         A moment of self—reflection… I've discovered in my writing, particularly while composing, a tendency toward misspellings and interesting incorrect usages. I tend to spell phonetically and to use one variant of a word for all instances of the word. Their, they're, there, all become there unless I concentrate on it. To, too, two, becomes too. Do is spelled doo. Meet is meat unless I am careful. Screen becomes screan. I don't know what is causing this. I wonder if it is a function of my vision. I have long maintained that drivers do not get worse as they get older, they simply lose the reflexes and mental acuity to compensate for their bad driving habits. I wonder if something of the sort is happening in my writing. Was I always a bad speller while composing, and no longer have the visual feedback to compensate?

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