January 14th, 2007

nanowrimo 2010

Blues and Movies

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         My day snowed in has progressed quite uneventfully. I spent most of my time watching Grendel, Kull, and a few old episodes of Andromeda. That left me with a surfeit of Kevin Sorbo and a strong distaste for whoever is taking responsibility for Grendel. It is the sort of movie that doesn't have Credits but rather Blame. Once in a while I wish someone who makes the Beowulf story would read the bleeding poem. Apart from utterly ignoring the author's efforts the movie was not bad. I though the casting good and the acting adequate. The story, though not that of Beowulf, worked for me. It was a bit formulaic. The writers got stuck on the word "mighty" for a while. I hate that.

         I've been listening to the Blues when not watching TV. I've explored a couple of rather old artists that I either never knew of or had forgotten. Blind Willie McTell (lyrics above) is one of these. Bessie Smith is another. My enatic grandmother was named Bessie. I think they stopped naming kids that shortly after she was born. You don't meet any 6-year-old Bessies anymore, nor any Sadies.

         I have been doing more writing of late than I have for a long time. It is only the freewriting that I do here, but that counts for a lot with me. I am, at least, putting things on paper again. I post the freewriting to louderprose should you want to see these efforts gathered in a single place.

         Nothing more tonight. Some quick freewriting and I'm gone.

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