January 11th, 2007

nanowrimo 2010

Writing, conversation, & back pain

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         I've added the new feature to my journal. To the left you should see a list of songs I've recently listened to. It is automatically gernerated by Last.fm.

         Today has been a difficult one. I have done little but the day seems burdensome anyway. I am in a lot of pain. My lower back is hurting pretty severely. I have taken some darvocet, but it never helps. My doctors won't give me a pain-killer that actually kills pain. Anything strong enough to actually work seems to put me to sleep.

         Ed called today. He is doing OK with the whole diabetic thing. Making plans and working at it. Phase 1 is underway— that's the "It's not so bad!" phase. Phase 2 is the "gad! This is a pain in the ass!" phase.

         I also heard from Angela. She is the queen of questionable relationships. She seems to be doing OK right now, though. I wish she could find someone with whom she could establish mutual trust.

         Joe called last night. He is doing well at the new job and likes it. He wants to borrow my projector. I said yes, but I think I will relent. They notoriously travel poorly and he can certainly rent one with little difficulty in a town as big as Minneapolis (where he wants to use the projector).

         I lost a friend yesterday. Paul was in "blind school" with me in Kansas City about two years ago. He was, I think, nineteen then. Monday last he took a massive quantity of pills and took a swim in his family's pool. It seems he just couldn't cope any longer. It is a shame. In school, he was better at coping and adapting than any of us. I think sometimes the harder you work, the harder the work gets. I think that is why the "one day at a time" approach is better for us MI people.

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