January 7th, 2007

nanowrimo 2010

Weepy days and unusual music

Today's Lyric:
Here's what you gotta do -
Pick up the phone
I'm here alone
Call me any time
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

         I'm recovered from a four-day-long case of the weepies. Mr. Bemis really set me off. I hate these bouts as I find it savagely undignified to find myself crying because Morris the cat doesn't enjoy his kitty litter or whatever. I get to where anything at all sets me off. I should invest in the Kleenex corporation.

         My sister tells me she had a horrible nightmare last night. I forced us to move and made her sell her dog. Gosh! I'm much more evil than I thought. On the subject of evil... Sis made meat loaf last night which I baked (... and ah hepped!). That means that while listening to music today I am dining with and on meat loaf. Ow! Just had a Rocky Horror flashback!

         I'm still enjoying Last.fm I am learning a bit about about my listening habits. Who knew I even listened to Foo Fighters. Anybody out there have any information on Amon Amarth? Any reviews? Any tracks you'd be willing to share?

         I am officially going to stop complaining about not getting enough sleep. I've slept 10+ hours on at least six occasions since Christmas. I don't know what's got me sleeping, but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Underground you'll find tunnels of every description. There are the city sewers, of course. One would expect those. There are rat tunnels, and the lairs of everything from groundhogs to minks to snakes. What you might not expect are the tunnels of men and of things best described as simply other. Homeless people took to the sewers and the underground spaces years ago. For the most part they did little digging, contenting themselves with existing spaces. At most they might knock holes in existing walls or dig out a small space where a wall was crumbling. When the underground spaces began to get crowded and the homeless pushed themselves into the deepest, least desirable places, they began to find others had been there before them. Men began to dig their own tunnels and spaces and in the course thereof discovered that tunnels of a wide variety already existed. Nobody knows what peoples those tunnels —those who learn don't come back. There are the small square shafts, usually vertical, straight as an arrow and about two feet across. There are round shafts of about the same diameter that meander horizontally through soft earth. The tall, nearly seven feet, shafts, only a foot wide mystify everyone who encounters them. They are almost perfectly smooth and made so by no agency anyone can discern. These tunnels come and go often, disappearing within a few days of their first discovery. What lives beneath the world of men is stranger than we imagine, stranger than we can imagine.
Yield! Taurus!

2nd installment

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         If your time machine scooped up a dragonboat-load of Vikings, they would soon be listening to Ensiferum.

         I have been in a weird mood all afternoon. I think I am catching something. I'm cold, coughing, my nose is running, and I ache everywhere. I am not ready for another cold. Time to break out the Z-stuff — you know the one you are supposed to take as you are catching a cold to reduce the duration of the illness…

         I've been listening to a very different run of music today, Opeth, Amon Armath, Duskfall, and even die Apokalyptischen Reiter. They are described as "melodic death metal" or Death metal influenced by German Thrash. I'm amazed at where German and "norweigan" music has gone.

         I guess I'm feeling more German than usual of late. I have been playing chess online (gameknot) mostly against Germans and a few Brits (they are awake when I am). Maybe I have never been insomniac, just on German time?

         Running the pellet stove tonight as the house is chilly. I haven't had to run it much this year, but the wind chill is so high tonight as to give us a 15° decrease. <sigh>If only I had waited to strip the walls and ceiling out of the basement</sigh>

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Postscript: For you louts who have complained about the "extreme" length of my recent posts (which, since Christmas have not exceeded 800 words), my Lyric of the Day and Freewriting will hencefoward be cut. I refuse to cut the entirety of my entries, however. What would be the point of posting at all? If you don't like having my journal "mess up" your friend's page unfriend me.