January 1st, 2007


Hello New Year.

Today's Lyric:
Another night sleepless
I don't want to feel this
Nothing can stop this pain
Trying to get to
A time I forget you
Still tangled in yesterday
Cry For Me

         Hello New Year. I'm starting off with a new album acquired through the good offices of a friend. I'm listening to Bat Out of Hell III. For the hideously young, that's by Meat Loaf.

         I was awake last night to usher in the new year, but failed to notice when it passed. I was online doing something or other of no significance whatsoever. That has been the tradition the last few years. That, or I have been soundly asleep.

         I have no resolutions for this year. I haven't made any with any intention of keeping them for a good many years now.

I turned the music down. I hadn't it loud in the first place and now it was a whisper. That asshole upstairs was the complainant, I am sure. Some people just get insane about certain things. I'll never understand it. My music is not loud. From the far side of the room I can't hear it, and I can clearly hear the television upstairs and one from somewhere else. How could anyone have heard my music to complain about it. I think it is just a matter of knowledge. They know I turn on my music as soon as I enter the room. They look at me and assume it is loud. The complaint came at a time when I was playing John Coltrane. It's not like this is headbanger stuff. Even the cop at the door was a little puzzled.
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    Bat out of Hell III - The Monster is Loose