December 18th, 2006

nanowrimo 2010


Today's Lyric: "And those were the days of roses, poetry and prose…"
Tom Waits, Meatloaf, Others

         I am feeling rather ill again today. A cousin, Rosalie, was in town today but I didn't feel up to visiting. I am enervated in the extreme but can't say precisely why.

         I've spent nearly the entire day playing chess on Gameknot. I am losing ground a steadily. My rating went from a beginning 1200 to 1130 in ten months. I should choose my games more strategically if I am really going to worry about my rating, but I really don't want to do that. I know there are people out there who manipulate their rating by choosing newbie victims and such but I really prefer to just play and let my rating be what it is. I do have this fantasy about my improving as I play…

         I watched two fairly bad movies on the scifi channel this week. Dead and Deader was a disappointment. Dean Cain has become scifi's hot B-movie property and the movies are usually good (granting that they are B movies). This one was just lame all around. Only slightly better was Bloodsuckers starring nobody I knew but lots of people I recognized from other scifi productions and various science fiction shows and movies. Bloodsuckers did give me an idea for a novel and I've put down some information. I guess that means I'm writing again.

Jack ducked low as he shuffled quietly between crates. He clutched his left arm to his chest and winced with every movement. He was badly cut from shoulder to elbow, but at least he hadn't been bitten. Having an open wound meant that he would be met with suspicion and doubtless would have to endure quarantine once he got back to human territory. Best not to worry about that. Get back to human territory first, then worry about convincing them he wasn't going vamp on them. As he scuttled toward the freight office at the back of the huge cargo bay he tried to listen for any hint of followers. It was pointless, they could move more silently than he, but the urge to listen was unconquerable. Eventually, he did hear something. There was definitely someone else moving stealthily near him. Where? The crates were stacked too high for anyone to be on top. They were heavy steel and he couldn't hear through them. It slowly dawned on him that he was hearing the light scuff of shoes from ahead.