February 19th, 2006


2006.50 freewriting pledge

Today's Movie Quote: "Why do you flee at the very sight of me?"

         Today has been a sleepy sort of day. I've was unable to sleep through the night but napped off and on from 6am to 3pm. I forgot to take my cymbalta on waking. That is probably the reason. I won't take it now, it would doubtless keep me awake all night again.

         I attempted to formulate a new plot using Dramatica today and it was a total failure. I just haven't a novel in me at the moment. I've a dozen plotted already and need to write those. I wish I could get my prose underway. I pledge today to write one page of prose (1000+ words) each day for at least 1 week in louderprose! Somebody be a good friend and nag me if I fail.