January 1st, 2006

nanowrimo 2010


Today's Movie Quote: "My God. I haven't been fucked like that since grade school."

         Day one is uneventful personally. My sis begins a new job at a local Bee Line Snack Shop. I gather this is basically a 7-Eleven type place.

         I plan to keep no resolutions this year. Lacking any pressure to perform, why not make some? More in the form of some plans than any high-aiming goals —

         Creativity: I've long intended to put aside some space in the house for creative endeavors. I think I'll take over my basement for the purpose. I'm not precisely sure that that will entail as the things I know how to do, painting and sketching, are pretty much out due to my vision. Perhaps I'll set up a table for some sculpting or modeling of some sort. I will try to get out my Dad's leather working tools and use them but have little hope of success, just not my medium.

         Health: I've been losing weight. I've no specific goal other than to continue and to generally be in better control of my diabetes. This means eating better, taking my medicine more religiously, exercising more routinely.

         Intellect: I've become a dullard by my own standards. I read little. I learn nothing. I converse with virtually nobody and when I do so, on topics of no value. My vocabulary has deteriorated and my accent sounds as though I belong in Missouri. I want to fix all of that.

         Energy: I lack it. There must be a way to improve the situation.

         Vocation: I've long sought that thing which I can make for which people will give me money. I intend to seek it a little more assiduously.

         Friends & family: I have neglected all my friends. I can't seem to bring myself to regret it terribly. I think I'll continue the process. That sounds hostile, but it is not. There are many people out there that I love but at the moment there is no room for me to do so.

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