November 19th, 2005

nanowrimo 2010

A rough night


I had an unpleasant nightmare last night. I know "unpleasant" and "nightmare" seem a bit redundant used together but I think it appropriate in that most of my nightmares simply don't have much impact nor do I remember them well. I dreamed of being killed. Not of dying, but of being fatally attacked. In rapid succession I was stabbed, knocked down, stabbed again, then finally shot.

I was in a cavernous place, the size of a large building's atrium or having the open space of an empty warehouse. The place was all black marble with lots of dark-tinted glass. I recall no furnishings of any sort nor any apparent function of the place. I was not moving, but I get the impression I had either just stopped moving or had just finished turning. An arm circled my chest, pinning me, then a roundhouse blow stabbed me in the neck on my right side. I was thrown down, in a sort of spinning motion. I landed on my back and a man who seemed in no way familiar to me bent over me and stabbed me, rather carefully, just below the sternum. The knife went in in an upwards motion, into my lungs. He stepped back, pulled a gun from his back pocket or his belt and, again — carefully, shot me. The bullet went into my chest on my right side. I could feel bones break, collar bone and shoulder.

My assailant seemed to be smallish to me. Perhaps no more than 5'6" or less. He was a slender man but seemed powerfully built, strong. His shoulders seemed narrow to me, and his waist more narrow still. He was black-haired and very pale. His hair was a bit more than shoulder length and straight. It was that blue-black color that you rarely actually see outside of photographs. His eyes were deep-set beneath straight (almost Vulcan) eyebrows. His nose was small, slightly upturned. He had a narrow face, and a small, cupid's-bow mouth with dark, perhaps dark red, almost brownish lips. He wore a black shirt with a high neck, almost like a turtleneck but somehow different. He was wearing light gray pants, not slacks, more like jeans, but again somehow different. He had a black belt with a silver buckle. I noticed he wore black boots that laced. He had leather laces.

The knife was a small one. It had a handle that looked like it could have been made of horn or bone and was a dingy whitish color. There was a silver pommel. It was shaped somehow but I can't remember precisely how. The blade was about three or four inches at most. The knife has a single sharp edge and was not very wide. In shape it more closely resembled a kitchen paring knife than anything. The blade was not shiny, but dull, reminding me of the brushed aluminum finish you see on refrigerators.

The gun he used was not a revolver, but one with a magazine. It seemed small in his hand from which I conclude it may have been a small-caliber weapon. It had a dark finish to it and was very quiet when fired. The barrel, or at least the shape around the barrel was extremely square. The trigger guard seemed very square also.

If I see this person I will definitely run.

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nanowrimo 2010

More poetry ... appropriately dreary

I dream I die

Sometime after midnight
I toss and I turn and in fright
and wake in sweat and stay where I lie
because when I dream I die.

In the days, in sunshine
I forget those fears of mine
but I stay up late and sleep deny
because when I dream I die

I live exhausted days
dulled in very many ways
I lose all my strength and drain my life
because when I dream I die

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