November 13th, 2005


Same old same old

Ronald: Why are you so viciously callous?
Andy: It's how I deal with my continuous grief.

Jeden Tag das selbe Scheiße

Like Any Other Day I never know, one day to the next, just how things are going to go. It would be easier to live with if I were having "good" days and "bad" days but it seems to work out as "bad" days and "worse". Today is one of the "worse" ones I guess, the last two days have been such. I'm having a lot of confusion problems. I do things and find out I've already done them. I expect to find a thing done and find out I didn't actually do it. I wonder if I'm having lucid dreams of some sort? I certainly seem to be fading in and out a lot. I can hardly stay awake while watching television, even when interested in the program. 
Sleep is still an issue I'm on a new sleep medication, rozerem. I know nothing about it and have learned little online. Those damned websites tell you nothing that is actually useful about what to expect from a medicine. You can find out about side effects that they claim nobody has, the illusory effects experienced by those taking placebos, and the rate of improvement in users (without actually explaining what improvement was experienced). How about an explanation of just what you should expect to happen? In any event, rozerem makes me sleepy but I still wake 3 or 4 hours after going to bed.
Online Games I experimented with Everquest2 this week. I found it hard to see. I also disliked the androgynous character of the toons. The whole game seemed a bit "new-agey" and generally "foofy" for my taste. *sigh* Joe and Lisa really wanted me to play, I think. I will stick with World of Warcraft for now. It is familiar territory and I can see it reasonably. I don't play much lately. 
Books I have many boxes of books, paperbacks mostly, but a substantial number of hard-bound volumes too. I need to let go of them while they are still of use to someone, somewhere. I'd appreciate any suggestions as to how they can best be put to use.
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