April 16th, 2005


It's not my goddamn planet. Understand, monkey boy?


Rocky I recently watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time in several years. Now I've got the music in my head and can't get rid of it. Specifically, I keep hearing the floor show.

I have quite a few fond memories of Rocky I went perhaps a dozen time in the late '70s. I matched that again in the late '80s after a near-ten-year hiatus. I visited again in '94 or so, the only time I went in costume (Eddie, of course), and have not been to the theater for a midnight show since. In the '70s I went with friends for a night out. In the '80s I introduced my kids, usually while they were about sixteen. Sixteen seems to me to be the right age to encounter Rocky Horror. It taught my sons how to put aside homophobia, pre-conceptions, your sense of decorum, and just have fun.

I found while watching Rocky on television that it was hard for me not to shout the lines. The disc I have has an alternate sound track with the "audience participation" but I find it difficult to listen that way. There are so many variations on the lines.
I'm back on this weird kick where I seem to be eating cylindrical food — taquitos, burritos, hot dogs, and whatnot. I am particularly to be re-introduced to Nathan's hot dogs after a five-year absence. They weren't available in Seattle back in '99 and have not been available in Missouri until this week (at least I found them this week for the first time). They are my favorite hot dog and possibly the easiest meal for me to fix for myself.
Spartans I'm listening to a book (fairly rare for me to be interested in anything on tape) titled The Spartans: The World of Warrior Heroes by Paul Cartledge. Histories and the like are often of interest to me, but they tend to be dry listening. This is no exception to that, but I find it worth the effort — so far. I have always had an interest in ancient Greece and its precursors. The recent movies Troy, Gladiator, King Arthur, and Master & Commander have inspired my interest in things actually historical. It is funny how historical and scientific inaccuracies in film fan the flames of my interest in history and physics (I went on a physics kick after seeing the scientifically ludicrous The Day After Tomorrow)
Home Alone I think my sister is getting ready to move out. She has been leaving me alone for a full day at a time for no particular reason. Since she has always tended to be a homebody as long as I have known her, I suspect that she is testing to see if I can get by on my own. I can. There are a lot of things I can't do and other things I must do in my own particular way (which tends not to happen when other people are around), but I think I can live alone if she decides to move out. I'm not sure for how long that will be true, but why borrow trouble?

I find I have fallen into the "blind" habits that I denigrate. I suppose it is inescapable, I am blind, after all is said and done. I know how much such habits irritate me. I hope I can at least bear that in mind and keep my habits from becoming odious to others.
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