May 25th, 2004



Another day in paradise...

< rant>The weather in Missouri reeks. It is rainy and cold in the morning then steamy hot all day. There is a 30f degree temperature difference between 6:00 and Noon. The barometer bounces like a yo-yo and my sinuses alternately fill themselves with cheese whiz and liquify with a suddenness that is too revolting to describe here. </rant>

A commercial I hate

<rant>OK. Teenage drinking is bad. We get the point! I approve of those "don't drink", "don't smoke", and "don't whatever" commercials. The latest anti-drinking tirade of insipidity says "Almost all teens get alcohol directly or indirectly from adults" Well, duh! What do the others do? Build a still and manufacture the shit? Anything you acquire you acquire "directly or indirectly", name one thing that you don't. The exception might be Nikes or some shoe manufactured by child labor, but I'm willing to wager there's an adult involved. I just hate "important" messages conveyed stupidly! </rant>

Just one more time...

<rant>If just one more person looks at me like I spit on them when I use a word of more than two syllables I am going off my trolley. I know... know why people climb up on a roof and start sniping. I exhibit my vocabulary and am insulted and humiliated passersby. I put together a cogent sentence and am told I am overqualified ... for any fucking job for which I apply. I can't work at McDonalds or as a computer consultant. Any organizational method I put forth is subject to revision by anyone without consulting me. If I keep the pots and pans here, they wind up there. Spoons on the counter wind up in the drawer. And I am tired of people making fun of my spoons! I went out a couple of years ago and bought a cheap set of silverware at Wal-mart. I didn't go to Gigantoland or Humongous Silverware Villa... I bought 'em at fucking Wal-mart. They contain soup spoons and teaspoons, dinner forks and salad forks. I eat with the larger soup spoons instead of the fucking teaspoons. I prefer a larger mouthful of cereal for gods sake!. I use the dinner forks instead of the salad forks. These aren't "Karl-sized" they aren't even large! I don't want to hear from anyone ever again … upon pain of having their ears shredded … about my "Karl-sized silverware". And damn it! When I put a bowl on a shelf, I expect to see it put back on the fucking shelf at least occasionally. </rant>
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