May 15th, 2004

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I've had a very unhappy couple of days. I can't really place the reason, but I'll blame it on the episode of ER the other day. My whole life has been a bit colored by that event and I am just now getting over it. I can't believe I have become so sensitive.

I've had a busy couple of weeks of late. Last week I saw the premier of Van Helsing. I didn't really love it, but I though it was a good movie. I feel much the same about Troy which I saw this afternoon. My recent spate of movie-going has caused me to revive my movie-reviewing habits. On my website I've added Movie Reviews. I have only reviewed Troy as yet, but I will add Van Helsing soon and a few others. Notably, Near Dark, Peter Pan, and Captain & Commander. I don't always review new movies. I like to put down my thoughts on whatever I've rented lately or whatever I happen to be thinking about. I'll be reviewing music, and talking books as well. I like to look at my reviews more as a body of work than an incremental "News" sort of thing.

I have seen two movies in the theater lately. That is unusual for me. I met someone today. Tom is a friend of my son Joe. He is interested in Everquest and was the motivating factor in seeing Troy today.

In the course of making Tom's acquaintance, Joe nudged me into telling some of my "stories". This inspired me, in the midst of making the Movie Review site to install a page for anecdotes. If I collect sufficient of them I'll begin my Autobiography.

On retrospect, it sounds like I had a pretty good time the last two weeks or so. Why do I feel so bad about it?

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