May 1st, 2004

Man of Bronze


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Walkers in Darkness (Original Expressions)

Things are not going well. I have been sick for a week. Mostly it is sinus and arthritis due to the rainy weather. Gods! How low have I fallen that a rainstorm puts me to bed!

Finances continue to deteriorate. I will lose my DSL in a month or so. I think I can keep up the mortgage for another three months. Groceries will be slim but do-able with $172 in food stamps. I am also contacting the Samaritan Center and a couple of "commodities" groups.

I have been working on my web page quite a bit. I re-structured the whole entry page. I also made it more "logical" internally. No changes were visible, but the internal structure should be more maintainable and more expandable. I plan to work on the 404 and other error pages... to customize them just for the hell of it. If anyone would care to suggest alternatives to "page not found" "error" and "you are forbidden to access this directory" I would be pleased to consider them.

I wrote 41 limericks this week. I've posted them in today's louderpoetry. I am busy but not, honestly, creative. Still, it is hard not to regard so many limericks as an accomplshment - albeit a trivial one.

I am slipping into something I can't explain. It is hard to articulate that which is going on inside my head these days. I think my failure to do so I why I am having trouble getting disability.

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