January 31st, 2004

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Home Alone

24 Hour Bachelorhood
Sis is gone to the country for a day. I'll be on my own at home. She thoughtfully left me the car keys "just in case". I suppose it is a good thing. Before she left she replenished my supply of Diet Pepsi and brought me Taco Bell. I'm set for the night. O for a movie to watch!

The weather here sucks big time. Minus 20° at night, wind chill 20° below that with a 10mph wind. Two to five inches of snow are expected by Monday morning. I have a Dr. appointment in Columbia, MO on Monday. Getting there could be very difficult if we have lots of snow. I need to borrow a car to accomplish the trip anyway... my sister's car isn't safe for that long a trip.

Foul humor, that is ƒ I woke in a foul humor and haven't changed. I have to find some way to let feelings like this go but I don't like to vent on others. I am always irritable and annoyed these days. Some days I feel like exploding but I have refrained to date. You'd think one of my pills would have a "happy" component to it.

I watched Open Range today. I enjoyed it. It is a workmanlike presentation of a western. Kevin Kostner confuses me. How does he keep getting work? I like many of his movies however. I am conflicted. Robert Duvall and Annette Bening saved the movie for me. I am not a big fan of westerns but I enjoyed this one.

Home Alone
I am looking forward to a day on my own. I can adjust the light level to one that pleases me. I can adjust the sound on the television to my own satisfaction. Supper is taken care of and breakfast tomorrow will be like any other day … sparse. I need some alone time. Maybe I can work off some of my aggressions.