January 27th, 2004

nanowrimo 2010

Blah again

I feel bad today
I woke early after a bad night's sleep. I had some horrible dreams at least one of which I will record. My head hurts this morning — one of those pounding headaches. I am not the least hungry, an odd thing for me. I am also inexplicably angry, I just want to rant today. I will probably update a couple of times.

Internet is "in and out" this morning. It must have been a widespread outage as when I called technical support the number was "out of service". I called the other "customer support" number and it was a busy signal … obviously they had exceeded their capacity to queue calls. This is an inauspicious start for my DSL usage. Since I've had it (couple of days) I've been "out" several times and been dropped repeatedly. <sigh>I don't know if it is DSL or Earthlink that is the problem. </sigh>

Karl Stuff
My knee and shoulder are killing me today. The house is chilly despite having turned the heat up. The wind chill is -9° F. Everyone is wearing sweaters and I keep a fleece blanket over my knee when I sit where I can do so. I am eager for spring.

Doggy News
Our continuing coverage of the doggy door indicates that owner and pet are equally happy with the door. Jirel has taken to using the door like it has always been there. Nickkie still is afraid of it but she is becoming more comfortable all the time. Eventually she'll manage to use it without being propelled through.