January 26th, 2004

nanowrimo 2010

Early Entry

New E-mail Address
I am up and running on DSL — after a couple of false starts. The service seems very slow compared to cable, but it may be because of outages tonight in the east and midwest. In any event, things seem to be working out.

Banderas and Dragonkind
It's been that kind of weekend. My sis and I have been watching Antonio Banderas all weekend. We've seen Zorro, Desperado, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. I wish I still had my VHS-version of El Mariachi. As a complement to all the gunplay and swordplay we've also seen Dragon Fighter, Dragon Storm, and "The somethingorother" all about dragons. I liked dragon storm, though it will not be one of my prime favorites. I like dragon movies. Is that so wrong?

I must be farther gone than I thought. My sis has started quizzing me on the day and date. I find I don't know or care but can look it up. People who have not been around me lately get these shocked expressions in my presence. I get the sense that I have slipped away from their idea of me. *sigh* I have certainly slipped away from my idea of me. I just can't think anymore.

Something is distinctly off these days. I've got an upset stomach a lot. Nothing severe, just annoying. I am hot when everyone else is cold and the reverse when they are warm. Helping to set up the DSL yesterday involved moving my desk and computer across the room. Even with others doing most of the work it exhausted me to the point of being ill. Jirel came over to me when I sat down and did the "head bump" thing that she does when she is worried. I guess she knew I was not feeling well.

Places I've been
In the preceding entry, I mapped out the US states I have visited. Some of them have been more than driving through or landing in an airport, but I counted them anyway. I don't think I've left anything out. Of the states missing, the only one in which I have any real interest would be Virginia. My interest there is solely historical. I'd like to see "horse country" and some of the sites of civil war battles. I think it unlikely I'll make the trip.